Secret Zoo 6

By: myoce

Jun 28 2016

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Category: animals


Focal Length:3.78mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

BOGOR 28062016

A small Tamarin Monkey….

the first time I see such animal.

I’m glad I went !!


11 comments on “Secret Zoo 6”

  1. incredible, lovely pic. does not look monkey like

    • Thank you for liking my pics ! Yes, I thought so’s so different…

      • all your pics are great. am not in favour of zoos, but that is another matter.

      • Thank you, Mukul Chand…and I agree about zoos, though a bit ambivalent about it..

      • welcome, was ambivalent too but have crossed the fence as I see animals are unhappy when I compare them to animals in the forest.

      • You’re right…I thought zoos are good for educative purposes…but animals are supposed to be in their natural habitat. So had this idea of rotating the animals…[lol] just like people working on shifts…with the larger time period being in nature, not behind enclosures…guess it’s too silly. Animals should only be in zoos if their natural habitat are no more…

      • I agree a 100% with the large sentence. Zoos can be a refuge.

  2. Me too! I have never seen one till now. Your photo. 😁

  3. A thoughtful ambassador

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