Prambanan Temple – the hunt

By: myoce

Jan 23 2014

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Focal Length:6.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

BOGOR 23012014

Okay…this is a magnificent panel…

tho I have to do some research

to understand what the artist is depicting

in this particular scene.

I think the “warrior” killed the great bird,

see the sword or spear like object at the bottom ?

But I also see a fledging in a nest,

oh….must have been a mama bird ! could be a monster, coz I see a tail.

The details are interesting, do you see

the squirrel, the three little birds and

the two large owls up the tree ??

And there are also some strange

un-identified objects in this relief.

OK…I think I’ve posted enough for today…

will save some pics to post for later. CU !


After research, I found out that

this is the relief of the Hindu God Brahma,

you can see he is wearing a high crown.

Brahma’s Vahana [mount] is a goose [Hamsa].

I think the goose is bowing to Brahma.

If you go back to my pics on Bali,

you will see Garuda…

Garuda is the Vahana of the God Vishnu.


4 comments on “Prambanan Temple – the hunt”

  1. Your right, this is a very fascinating piece!!!

    • Hi Backpackerlee, I enjoyed your posts about Borobudur and Prambanan [and others, in ur blog]. As for me, I didn’t have any expectations prior to the trip to Prambanan, so…no disappointments…just glad I could visit. Have a great time on your travels !!

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