Busy morning

By: myoce

Mar 08 2013

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BOGOR  08032013

Wow…long time no see !

Was drinking my morning tea

and browsing the net on my iPad..

Suddenly I saw the reflection

of my wallpaper on my glass tea mug…

immediately got busy taking pics !

Had to put iPad on lap,

hold mug with one hand,

 hold and click camera with the other hand.

The glass mug had to be half-filled with tea..

felt like an octopus with hands full.

Oh…almost spilled some tea

on the tablet monitor :(

Besides the one used as wall paper

I had many other of my pics in there,

so I got many shots of  ’em.

Let’s face it…I love looking at my photos,

with in my photos…hehehe..

even if it’s only their reflections.

Have a great week, everyone.


2 comments on “Busy morning”

  1. Oh myoce, I think someone needs a rest dear!!!

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