Welcome to my web…

By: myoce

Jan 02 2013


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Focal Length:6.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

BOGOR 02012013

Hope you had a great Christmas.

Wish you will have a beautiful year this 2013.

Met this yellow spider at the kid’s  school yard.

Accidentally nudged it with my camera

….to my dismay, it fell..

looked for it everywhere on the ground,

but couldn’t find it.

I went back to the web after a few mins..

and there it was…back safe n sound in the web.

Me bushed…will stop takin’ now….


4 comments on “Welcome to my web…”

  1. Beautiful photography…sounds like your caught in a snare!
    The web tiring you out??? Take care & rest when you can!

    • You’re right…
      oh what a tangled web I wove….
      I have to work on extricating myself …kekeke
      [watching k-dramas is rest, right ! ^___^ ]

  2. Doing something other than our usual routine (work?) can indeed be restful. That’s why I rest/play once a week.

    That garden guard looks well-fed. Other natural-born riggers have to hunt …

    • Once a week ? Oh….me guilty !!!…more than once.
      you are right, the garden is at the kids’ school…
      and there’s a dedicated gardener I think,
      so everything is fresh and juicy ~~

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