It’s hot in here…..

By: myoce

Jul 20 2012


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BOGOR 20072012

Yup….these are the really HOT days here in Bogor.

Yesterday I went to a traditional market…

and almost fainted…

high temperature and high number of people

doing their shopping

to welcome  Ramadhan Month

resulted in a sauna like condition in the market,

a big sauna room teeming with people.

I went into the car….

which was roasting in the parking space

and perspired some more

while we were trying to escape the traffic jam…

which happened

in front of every market in the city.

Went home….

 laid down in a cool and dark room…

but  still have a headache now.

Have to have MORE helpings of ice cream…

OK, where’s my spoon ???…..


6 comments on “It’s hot in here…..”

  1. Maybe try more fruit (with your ice cream)?
    For the hot summer months, my diet changes to emphasize fruit.
    It helps me adapt to the heat.
    (Is that sand, salt, or both?)

    • Hmmm…thanks Silver Bronze…
      I’ll slice some fruits into my ice cream next time.

      Err….actually that’s not sand or salt kekeke..
      it’s my ice cream ..see the paper bucket ?
      I just got it outta D’ fridge
      so there’s still a film of ice on top….
      looks like salt x-tals doesn’t it ?

  2. YES…ice cream that`s always the answer. haha^^

  3. Haha! When I see this pic for the first time, I thought like a Dzen garden :)

    • Hehe…Mkino…it does look like raked sand !!
      Okie…if you want to meditate…
      look at your ice cream until it melts.. LOL..

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