Fallen things…..

By: myoce

Jun 13 2012

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Focal Length:6.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

BOGOR 13062012

I thought this photo of the front steps,

leading to our front gate…

was a bit romantic and calming.

There’s also a hint of sadness….

with the fallen leaves and flowers.

Have a peaceful week, everyone !


6 comments on “Fallen things…..”

  1. Dearest Myoce,
    Very thoughtful photo…
    Peace to you and family!

  2. Step by step, moments expire.
    Like spring water, pass every moment and every step.
    Every moment can be remembered long, if you can notice it.
    I like this phrase – it’s mine :) And camera can help for this :)
    I wish you smiles Myoce!

    Love, Mikino

    • Hi Milena !
      Oh your poem is very beautiful…
      I love your words…so true…
      our camera can help capture our moments.
      Hope you are doing well there, Mikino.
      Wishing you a great weekend.
      Love, myoce

  3. The Creator puts beauty in every leaf, every speck, … thanks again for sharing.

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