Swirl me and Twirl me blue…

By: myoce

May 15 2012

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Bogor 15052012

Hmm…a bit sore and headachy..

and still feel a bit wobbly.

S’pose it’s coz of traveling,

your body gets jiggled a lot…

Just got back from Sumatra Island,

specifically …from Bandar Lampung.

I was fascinated by the Swirls and Twirls…

a re-curing pattern  in our hotel.

So snapped a few pics of the carpet,

 walls, pillars, partitions and carvings..

for me to enjoy :)


4 comments on “Swirl me and Twirl me blue…”

  1. I hope you enjoy :))

    • Yes, sis Donna I did enjoy looking at my pics !
      As for the hotel….it was very nice and comfy ;)
      There were many yummy things to devour
      Puffy penguin talking here….

  2. This collage conveys feeling “a bit wobbly” rather nicely.

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