Crystal ball ?

By: myoce

Dec 21 2011


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Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Y’ know, the rose seems to be

inside a crystal ball…

Now……shall we try to see…

what the future holds for  us ?……….. ^_^


6 comments on “Crystal ball ?”

  1. I wonder………^^

  2. Happy New Year!

  3. Me too, Dear Donna……I wonder……he he he…

  4. Hi Silver Bronze ….Happy Happy New Year to you and Jade ! Hugzz + Kizzezz

  5. Please be very cautious. You are precious to me/us.

    Many mortals develop unhealthy distractions after looking into their possible future. A terrible shame, given how full of glory, wonder and love their lives are.

    Look into the rose’s future freely; be very timid if glancing, however briefly, into your own. Always remember you will never have the whole picture in this life.

    (Oh, I do like the one-pic-per-page elegance of this blog of yours. Keep It Short & Simple! )

    • Dear SilverBronze,

      Long time b4 I reply…so very sorry !

      Thank you for the nice thoughts ^^

      Only God knows our future…so it’s better for me to just follow Him.

      Yep, one pix per page is nice…a change from the other blog ;)

      I like KISS too he heh..

      Lotsa love and hugs for you both !

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