One on top of another

By: myoce

Aug 30 2011


Category: Uncategorized


BOGOR 30082011

Nothing to say…

All out of ideas…

let me recharge first.


4 comments on “One on top of another”

  1. Recharge…:))
    Bump on head will do that. haha^^

  2. May the Source of our universe guide, heal and restore your spirit, mind and body.

  3. Dear Sis Donna, A bump on the head does many things to me hehehehe…
    I can blame lotsa things on it ^^ Rechargeeee !!!!! [reminds me of the drama The Greatest Love]

  4. Dear SBD, Thank you !! Yes, I do need healing and restoring and guiding so much.
    Everything you and Jade sent me helps a lot. I’m recovering . Bless you !

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