The dragon in the light

BOGOR 09072011

We’re back !!!

I love my house…I love my bedroom..

I love my bed…I love my computer..he..he

Was looking over the photos I took these few months,

and met a dragon in one of them ^^

I didn’t expect to meet a dragon….

tho i could only see it’s mouth and nostrils..

with electric blue-red-white flames coming out.

The rest of “it” is hidden in the darkness.

me naming it “Toothless” [like me].

He he…


7 comments on “The dragon in the light”

  1. Welcome back :) Say Hello to “Toothless’ for me. Haha^^

  2. Thanks, Donna !! Will personally convey your greetings to ‘Toothless’ ..
    I know she’ll be happy ….will probably spurt out some blue flames with her toothless grin LOL ^^

  3. ROFL, myoce I tweet now hehe^^

  4. That’s certainly a very
    colorful flame!

  5. Quite an imagination…he he he^^

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