The heart of the matter

By: myoce

Jun 01 2011


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Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

BOGOR 01062011


Your ears are safe..

I can’t talk them off…LOL

 Not that I’m not able, mind you !

I’m just a bit harried these days…sob

I’ll leave you 2 enjoy the heart of this flower ^^


5 comments on “The heart of the matter”

  1. Beautiful flower:)
    From ur beautiful Heart…

  2. Hi Dear Myoce!
    You sad? Why? Can I help you with something?
    We should not sad … Sometimes I mourn, but our lives provides various tests that have to deal with. Just have to accept them. It is very difficult, I know…
    Try to find some activity, that you can detach from the thoughts about what makes you sad. I personally – take my camera and just going to walk away, to make pictures, to admire a nature and to not think about anything. Just make a rest even for one hour…
    I wish you happy and give you smile!
    I know, you need smiles!
    Be happy Myoce!
    Your, Mikino
    With much love!

  3. Hi Myoce,
    Unfortunately, such is life. It is not always pleasant, sometimes confuses our plans and leave us in a difficult position. At the moment I experienced something similar and sometimes I think it is hopeless, but I believe that someday I will be happy. The only thing that makes me smile is nature and this is the reason to seek comfort, somewhere among the trees, flowers and animals.
    I hope, you already feel good.
    If you still confused, I sympathize with you and understand you completely, no matter how I’m away from you. I want, you know that halfway around the planet there is someone who understands your wishes and who want for you most beautiful things you dreamed!
    Your with much love, Mikino

    • Hi Mikino, now I’m not sad anymore…… only tired ^^
      Will be traveling with the children to see their dad…my hubby…for 2 weeks :)
      Hope you’ll have lovely days there…with many beautiful moments and views
      to be photographed !! Lots of love, myoce

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