The cat in the garden

By: myoce

Jun 01 2011

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Focal Length:12.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Bogor 01062011

What you see is what you get !

It’s my cat.

In my garden….he he he…


4 comments on “The cat in the garden”

  1. Hi Myoce!
    This cat is very cute!
    I had, before the time a cat with the same pattern and colors – she lived 18 years! She was a true and loyal than dog.
    Thank you for sharing this picture!
    Your, Mikino

    • It seems there’s a lot of cats in this combination of colors…I have two, but I like this gentle female one…the other one is male.

  2. Looks like a bicolor B&W mask-and-mantle that came with a previous domicile some years ago, who (after much gentle kindness) condescended to allow my good friend to enjoy partnership for some years. Also like one who plays in a yard and on the street just down the block. Most are wise, with generous depth of character rarely captured. Yours is nicely framed …

    • Oh, this one has similar characteristics too…she won’t let me go near her…throw her a fish head and she’ll run away. I have to double my efforts to win her affection….perhaps with time….thanks SBD !

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