Without words

By: myoce

Apr 06 2011


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Focal Length:7.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

BOGOR 07042011

I’ve become ‘a woman of few words’

[those who know me would die laughing]

well….at least for now….

be back to talk your ears off later…cu…


9 comments on “Without words”

  1. Hi Myoce!
    How are you?
    Thanks for sharing this gentle flower!
    In the middle, petals like little happy man! :)))
    Love, Mikino

    • Hi Mikino,

      I’m fine…hope you are too ^^
      Our next door neighbor gave this orchid as a gift for my parents.
      yes…it does look like a man with his arms raised !

      Thanks for always dropping by, Mikino….


  2. Sis myoce,

    ROFL :))

  3. Hi again Myoce!
    I Bulgaria Spring has come!
    To my surprise, this year, the trees bloom later! But they are wonderful!
    On this link you can see them!
    This is my blog here in WordPress :)
    I wish you happy!
    Love, Mikino

    • Hi Mikino !

      Thanks for the link I will look at them when I get back from Timor Island…
      Will get back next week. Glad to hear spring is in your country…I’m sure you got lots of beautiful pics !!


  4. little sis crazy penguin^^,

    thx, I did enjoy !!

    Love U,
    Donna/big sis crazy penguin….

    • Hehe….you’re not crazy dear big sis…
      it’s just you n’ I sometimes go loony
      specially over some K gentlemen…kekeke


  5. You had asked me, what is the weather in Bulgaria … Until a week ago, was typical of spring – a warm, pleasant … Now, however, it became very cold. It’s not normal, as low temperatures for moderate climate – no more than 5-6 degrees Celsius. I worry about flowering trees – so beautiful, but cold will stop the process of forming fruit … Sadly, they were laden with flowers. Weathermen provide this cool weather to continue, which is even worse. I hope their predictions are not be true.
    I have no news, about me – still is: work. My relatives, constantly questioning me, I will think about marriage / it was my time / … hahahahaha I think, but remain just thinking …. hehe. Actually, this is another story … Hihi.:)))
    I wish you much luck, love and happy moments!
    Your, Mikino

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