Once upon a time

By: myoce

Mar 10 2011


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Focal Length:15.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

BOGOR 10032011

What comes to mind…

…..when you see the pix above ??



BOGOR 11032011


Once upon a time, there was a castle on a windy hill…..


Mikino, you’re right…it’s very nice there

it is the kind of place you described.

Oh !  When I saw it I thought it was very beautiful too…

alas….there is sadness in it’s beauty.

It was once a rather big hill…but they have cut the hillsides,

to make way for a new housing estate and office buildings !

The natural beauty of the landscape will disappear…

the house at the top is empty now….it’s crumbling,

no one lives there anymore…


Next time I go to this area…

don’t think I will see this scenery anymore.

Responsible Development is important.



3 comments on “Once upon a time”

  1. Resembles a fabulous place …
    There, the scale is a great place for relaxation and observation of nature. Just to stand there and watch … To enjoy the greenery… To merge with the expanse of heaven, feel the fresh breeze of the wind and feel the embrace of the sun …
    f I could be there now ehhh :)
    Love, Mikino

  2. is it taken by yourself ?

    • Hi Yosi,
      Yes, I took this and all the other photos in this blog myself.
      Sometimes I use picasa to blur or darken them.
      Nice to meet you !


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