Tondano Lake

By: myoce

Jan 21 2011


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Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

BOGOR 22012011

Hi y’all….

Long time no see….yeaa…I’ve  haven’t been posting here at all.

We meet again in another year !

Sometimes A lot of times I don’t know what to talk about….so am stumped on what to say write here, in this blog. Ok,  recently my family and I went to Celebes Island, so I got another set of pictures for my collection. Here  showing one of my shots, scenery near lake Tondano. I thought this was sooo beautiful and I was lucky to be able to capture it.

Haven’t thought of any subject related to this picture that I am interested to blog about,

so…I will be back !!

BOGOR 30012011

Hi…I’m back. Have been busy teaching…and caught a bad bad cold in the middle of the week..spent the time resting… became a couch potato who was “under the influence of ”  K-dramas….hehehe..

Ok, let’s get on with the show !

Today, I’d like to write about the reflection of light on the lake water …as could be seen in the picture above.

When lights are reflected from an object , there are two kinds of reflections  :  Specular reflection and Diffuse reflection. Specular reflection is reflection from a smooth surface, and diffuse reflection is reflection from a rough surface.

Reflection from a mirror or other polished reflective surface is called specular reflection. The word specular comes from the Latin word  speculum [meaning mirror]. A reflected [mirror-like]  image could be seen.

Reflection from a rough surface is called diffuse reflection. The reflected light is diffuse and even though it’s bright…there’s no reflected image.

Reflection from a pond or lake combines both specular and diffuse reflection. When the water is very still, the surface is smooth so the reflection is specular. When the water isn’t  still, the reflection is diffuse : the water looks bright,  but we can’t  see a reflected image.

So, let’s see the pic above…the reflection on the lake surface is specular I guess…look at the reflection of the boat and the bamboo poles. Hmmm maybe I could find a better picture that shows  specular reflection…

Have a great and productive weekend/week….see you later !

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5 comments on “Tondano Lake”

  1. Hey,
    I missed you Myoce!
    Thanks for sharing this pic! I’ll wait your postings!
    Very interesting to learn for this place!
    Love, Mikino

  2. Mikino !!!

    Sorry it took me forever to reply !
    Hope you’re fine and happy.

    Love, myoce

  3. Hi Myoce!
    I managed to make an account here. There I will attach some of my nature photos.
    Thanks for the reply! I’m well – lots of work, less loneliness and dreams. :)
    But I’m fine :)
    Wish you smiles!
    Love, Mikino

  4. Oh, Mikino…

    You have another blog….ok, I will link it to this blog also….
    And I will link your BYJ blog to my dazedbylife, OK ???

    Taken easy and don’t forget to rest well….
    Have a productive time at work !

    Love, myoce

  5. Yes, thank you so much! I’ll be glad Myoce!
    Happy for you :)

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