White Petals

By: myoce

Apr 11 2010


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Focal Length:18.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Bogor 04112010

Oh wow….haven’t blogged here for a while… I’m posting a flower photo from my mom’s garden again^^

What you see is just one flower…facing down, actually it’s a small orchid. As I was viewing it from different positions to get a good angle….but ended up taking the flower’s behind he he…I saw that the petals really sparkle…like there are tiny crystals in them. I suppose because the color of the petals are white…they have no pigments, they reflect the lights.  A black pigmented petal would absorb lights, and not reflect the lights back to us.

Flower petals have a myriad of colors because they contain pigments. Some pigments can change colors under certain conditions *,  for example if the pigment anthocyanidin is present,  flower petals to can become red, blue and purple. When petals contain enough carotene, their colors are  yellow, orange or dark brown. Green petals usually contain chlorophyll.

* I’ve seen it with my mom’s Bromelia :  if it’s not exposed to the sun, it’s color is green, if exposed…it’s red.

The white flower petals have no pigments, they are full of air bubbles…which I think reflects back lights to us, which in turn lets us perceive the color as white. If you take the white petals …and squeeze them…their color will turn  transparent,  they are not white anymore….cos all  the air bubbles have busted burst gone…..hey ! I used to do that a lot when I was little… a real flower terror lol .

Flowers which bloom at night are usually white, they will attract more insects with their white color…

hmm smart flowers ! Their reproduction is more assured^^

Ok, I now feel better…cos I’ve updated this blog and learned something besides..


One comment on “White Petals”

  1. Hi Myoce,
    Sometimes nature does wonders! In my garden, I have a Dutch tulip. Last spring, between all the bright red tulips, had blossomed purple tulip …. When I pulled the bulb autumn, it was the same as the others….. This spring appears was decided to surprise me!
    Your picture is wonderful! Is very gentle!
    With much love

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