Mom’s Orchids

By: myoce

Mar 16 2010


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Bogor, 03162010

Me busy….. really miss blogging in all my cyberspaces, even if one of the places is not “prim and proper” for my age as I’d like it to be [wanna guess which one ?? LOL ]  .

I love all my mom’s flowers and plants and I wish I had her green thumb and her love for growing and nurturing things in the garden.  Alas my interest and talent lies elsewhere….somewhere less useful

She’s now not strong enough to do all the gardening work, so there’s some one who helps her to do the heavy work, but I know she’d rather do them herself….in fact she still does, if nobody’s looking :(

Ok, I feel less guilty now that I’ve updated this blog…till now I can’t do BWO [blogging without obligation] 100% yet.

Wish me luck so I have time to update a lot [as if anyone cares sob sob]

BTW, according to a Roman legend, a golden colored orchid called  ‘lady’s slipper Orchid’ got it’s name after Venus’  slipper. It was told that Venus [the goddess of love] was with Adonis in a forest when a thunder storm struck, she ran to a cave for shelter and one of her slippers slipped off. A mortal came by and found Venus’ slipper and when he picked it up….it turned into a golden orchid. In New Zealand the Maoris believed that Orchids are descendants of the beautiful rainbow :)



2 comments on “Mom’s Orchids”

  1. Hi Myoce! :)
    With all my heart I wish you luck!
    This photo is incredibly soft!
    At home, I have nine types of flowers and caring for them, delivered me a true delight. I watch them every day: how they grow, how they change. I love them all! Difficult to find time to care for them, but I can not live without flowers.
    For each flower has a legend. Somewhere I read that the flowers given to us as a gift from the gods. So there is some hidden magic and mystery.
    The beauty of the flowers symbolize harmony and supreme perfection. The flowers are beautiful when we are caring for them with love.

    According to an old Christian legend of the Mother of God gave Jesus the small remnants of linen to play. With scissors, cut small boy flowers which scattered over the lawn around the house. And although he was still cold, they become small-flowered, bearing joy to people.
    Here in Bulgaria approaching feast of flowers /one week before Easter/ and I wait with joy to blossom early spring flowers!
    Love, Mikino

  2. Oh, Mikino !

    What an interesting legend. Thanks for sharing that with me. Sadly we don’t have the feast of flowers here before Easter. The custom is just have an Easter Egg hunt for the children…So sorry I didn’t have the time to reply to your comment sooner !

    You are like my mom, who loves flowers…me…I can’t and have no interest in caring for them…I just take pix of them :p

    ps. I have seen your blog even before you invited me to see it :D I was planning to comment…but it’s all in Bulgarian..LOL…But I will try to comment later!

    Have a wonderful week, dear Mikino.
    Love, myoce

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