Butterfly wings

By: myoce

Feb 11 2010


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Focal Length:12.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Bogor, 02112010

Long time no blog…well, I was busy with other obsessions cyber-nooks of mine ^^

This time I would like to call attention to a butterfly’s wings, as seen above. To me the wings look like shinny plastic plates, but actually they are really more fantastic than plastic [pardon, pun was intended :p ].

A butterfly’s wings consist of forewing and hindwing. Forewings are the ones near the ‘head’ and hindwings are behind the forewings……err that makes sense, doesn’t it…?

Butterfly wings are membranes that are nourished by veins. These veins also have respiratory function [oxygen exchange/breathing]. Covering the wings are thousands of scales made out of chitin. The name Lepidoptera [includes Butterflies and Moths] is from the Greek language meaning “scale wing”.

On the forewing of male butterflies there are modified scales called scent scales or androconia. Scent scales releases pheromones, chemicals which attract the female butterflies.

Some butterflies are brilliantly colored, some are drab. Their coloration serve many purposes : for camouflage, for attracting mates, for deceiving predators to thinking they are bigger than they really are [“eyespots” pattern on wings make them look like large animals] and for absorbing heat. Butterflies are cold blooded, so when they get too cold they do some sunbathing…err I mean they warm themselves in the sun, which incidentally …. was what the above butterfly was doing when I snapped it’s picture.

When a butterfly flies, the fore-wing and the hind-wing are held together as one…..aahhh ! That’s why butterflies are graceful and lovely in flight…they never look awkward…or fumble and bumble  around  like yours truly in a dress and high heels…I’ll remember to hold together my fore… and err….my hind ….as one….next time…LOL LOL !

Butterfly  wings move up and down in a figure-eight pattern during flight. At rest a butterfly’s wing position is Vertical …. a moth’s, Horizontal. Oh yes, there’s this awesome fact that I just learned about butterfly wings : some butterflies have ultraviolet patters in their wings that we [humans] can’t see, but they could bee seen by other butterflies !! Wow..isn’t that amazing?…you don’t suppose we could see it using special tinted glasses or something, do you?

Ok, I’ve learned somethings new, hope you learned something interesting also ^^

See you later…..

Info source :  http://www.enchantedlearning.com


7 comments on “Butterfly wings”

  1. Hi Myoce!
    How are you?
    Shooting butterflies is quite difficult and I think a lot of patience announces. Your photos are wonderful!

    • Hi Mikino! Thank you for coming to this blog^^. Yes, you are right ! It took a lot of patience to capture this butterfly, it was flying very fast from leaf to leaf, from plants to plants. I’m glad to get this shot. Btw, I love your photos …you have lovely butterfly photos also.

  2. Thank you Myoce!
    I have noticed that it is a matter of fractions of a seconds to Shooting these beautiful creatures. The important thing is to have patience.
    Nature is beautiful and I think to wait awhile even enjoyable! I compare this with complete relaxation.
    I attended at a time, when it is so quiet that I hear their wings. It’s interestingly, because they are animals and are afraid, but when they realized, that you are safe, you are able to make the whole shoot!

    • Dear Mikino,
      Oh how is the weather in Bulgaria now? Is it suitable for shooting pix of butterflies ??? Or maybe they disappear in cold weather??
      Yes, patience is very important for capturing photos of live objects…because unlike “dead” objects, live objects move around a lot!! LOl LOL I had to stand like a statue for a few minutes when I shot a pix of a fly…and it was very hard to focus with out scaring the fly away…one movement from me, it will be gone :(
      I got a lot of itchy mosquito bites on my skin because I couldn’t move and the mosquitoes bit me freely ha ha ….

  3. Surely there are ways for people to see the (normally) invisible
    UV & IR filters, overlaying images, even re-mapping spectra …

    • Silver Bronze , I agree…will find out…and if can get hold of a gadget I’ll be spying those moths in the evening…hoping one of them will appear in my line of vision..kekeke

      Sorry it took me forever to reply
      Love to you and Jade,
      myoce in the other island again

    • Silver Bronze , I agree…will find out…and if can get hold of a gadget I’ll be spying those moths in the evening…hoping one of them will appear in my line of vision..kekeke

      Sorry it took me forever to reply
      Love to you and Jade,
      myoce in the other island again

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