Still stuck on bokeh

By: myoce

Jan 11 2010


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Focal Length:18.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Bogor, 12012010

Here’s another bokeh of mine..

I thought these bokeh were a bit different than the last one…

Since I’ve not expired my discussion of bokeh….I shall go on with it ^^

Okie dokie…have you found out more about bokeh ?

Aahhh,  now you know you can  make many different shapes of bokeh, right?

Now there are these so called bokeh filters….clip it in front of your lens and you’re all set to make bokeh of a certain shape…I believe heart shaped bokeh is the most popular <3 . You could even make your own DIY bokeh filters by cutting out small shapes on cardboard…problem is, the size of the shapes should be smaller than the aperture…and if you’re interested, err…please  Google how to do it on your own..LOL

Want to have some fun ?

Click H E R E , …..then type [anything]  in the circle…and see the beautiful bokeh !!

Don’t forget,  after clicking in the circle, ….you’ll have to TYPE…on your keyboard.

Thank you so much to the man in blue^^

I had fun, hope you did too.



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